We promote parenting as a core value, nurtured by complementary pillars that make it concretely actionable



We are proud of working for the well-being and health of children, families and
people around the world, with enthusiasm, commitment and proactivity, anticipating events and taking initiatives.



We enhance our people by promoting their professional growth and encouraging teamwork and the development of positive relationships through listening, respect and open communication, with a focus on the company and the individual growing together towards a common vision.



We are aware of the impact of our work with respect to both internal organization and the external world and act accordingly, taking ownership of a task from the
beginning to the end, being results- oriented, learning from experience and acting with autonomy and organization



We are strengthened by our competence and have the flexibility and reactivity to sustain and undertake new challenges, looking to the future with curiosity, with the necessary means to allow progress to be made.

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