Our Production Units

Our products are manufactured at our own production facilities, all certified according to ISO Quality Management Standards, and by our Qualified Suppliers who are able to fully meet our requirements.

We directly own 4 production units, based in Europe:


  • Chicco Cosmetics, Goovi, Fiocchi di Riso
  • 18.9 million bottles, 64 million breast absorbing pads and 12 million Wet Wipes packages produced a year
  • 1.1 million Control lubricant and massage gels per year


  • Breastfeeding and Soothing
  • More than 800 tons of raw material processed
  • Walking, Household and Car Safety
  • 105 million components processed a year
  • Toys: 40.000 Cars, 65.000 Vespa, 70.000 Basket League, 170.000 Smart2Play toys


  • 100 million condoms a year, that undergo 26 security cycles before leaving production


  • Finished products and fabric coverings
  • 221 million metres of thread handled a year