Suppliers Area

The Link Suppliers SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is the modern instrument that the Artsana Group has decided to create and use to optimize the processes which involve the exchange of information with the Business Partners.
These are the processes handled through the Link Suppliers SRM:

1- Self Service Registration of the Suppliers

In order to start a new Business relation, new suppliers will be able to register themselves using Link Suppliers in our web site and start the process of conveying the data required for their evaluation.

At the end of the Self Service Registration, the potential supplier will receive a User ID and a password to have access to the Link Suppliers SRM.

In order to have access to the Self Service Registration click here

2- Supplier Prequalification/Qualification

Once received the User ID and Password to have access to the Link Supplier in SRM, the Suppliers will be able to fill in the Prequalification Questionnaire by giving all the data necessary for a better evaluation of their candidacy. Click here to access the SRM Supplier Portal and complete the Prequalification Questionnaire. The questionnaire will be assessed by the Artsana Group Purchasing Division; if the outcome is positive, the Bidder will be included in the Artsana Vendor List and classified as a Pre-qualified Partner. The Qualification process phase will then commence. The Artsana Group Quality Division will conduct a Qualification Audit at the potential supplier’s factory plant. At the end of the Qualification Process, the supplier will be included in the so called “Artsana Vendor List” and will be able to take part in the on-line tenders.

3- On-line Tenders: reserved only to the suppliers explicitly invited

The On-line tender is an instrument which simplifies the process of making offers. Every supplier who has been asked to take part in an on line tender can make the bidding in real time having at his disposal the useful information for the correct creation of the offer (technical and commercial enclosures).

To take part in an on-line tender you must:
– have a user-id and a password, both given on purpose by Artsana S.p.A. through the process of self-service registration;
– be acquainted with the Regulations for on-line tenders (Regulations for on-line tenders.pdf).

In order to have access to the Link Suppliers SRM click here.
For any question or explanation you can write to the following e.mail address