Care for people: our projects

Sustainable also means Social Responsibility through parenting-based projects. The aims is nurturing parenting even when and where there are social barriers to face. Our Brands have always been devoted to social projects that align with its values and business areas, working with non-profit agencies that share its philosophy of long-term involvement.

Chicco di Felicità

Chicco di Felicità is the symbol of Chicco’s solidarity efforts to help less fortunate children. The project consists of “solidarity gifts” sold in all Chicco shops in Italy and in the online store. Corresponding proceeds are donated, to support children who have been raised in difficult family environments, and to assist families in regaining parenting skills. In particular, since 2017, collected funds were donated to the CAF Association (Centro di Aiuto ai Minori e alla Famiglia in crisi). Learn more.

Happiness goes from heart to heart

It is an international project whithin the Mission Bambini Foudation which is dedicated to saving lives of children born with congenital heart diseases. Learn more.

Chicco dá Vida

In Portugal, Chicco has been active in the Chicco dá Vida project since 2006. The initiative aims to improve the quality of life of premature babies.
Learn more.

Boppy: The Momkid Project

The purpose is to empower, support and educate mum throughout her journey of motherhood. By fostering a community of engaged mothers, subject matter experts and organizations, Boppy can connect with real mums on a personal level to connect and educate around topics we strongly care about. Learn more.

Fiocchi di Riso: the Human Milk Link project

We collaborate with the brand Fiocchi di Riso on the Human Milk Link project, an innovative system that allow the collection of donated human milk directly from the donor’s home. In one year, over 190 mothers allow the collection of about 980 liters of human milk, showing an increase compared to last year. Learn more. 

Prénatal & Bimbostore: cooperation with Mission Bambini

Prénatal and Bimbostore cooperates with Mission Bambini with the activity Banco Infanzia, a collection of baby care products allover Italy. The purpose of the activity is to provide a concrete support to children, distributing products in more than 130 associations selected by Mission Bambini. Learn more.

Toys Center & Bimbostore: cooperation with I Bambini delle Fate

Toys Center and Bimbostore promotes the La Banca del Tempo Sociale project, an initiative of I Bambini delle Fate, that since 2005 has been involved in ensuring financial support for projects and social benefit for families with children with autism and other disabilities. Learn more.