Our People

At the end of 2019, our workforce across Artsana and Prénatal Retail Group amounted to 8500 people (including interns).
In our Company most of the employees are women and are between the ages of 30 and 50 years old.
Employees younger than 30 years old have increased in the last years.

Parenting our people

Parenting has always been a fundamental principle for us, not just for clients but also for the people of the world: they are the beating heart of our Group.

We respect, support and promote internationally established human rights, protecting and valuing people, pursuing the respect of equal opportunities in the workplace, valuing the diversity and fostering the professional growth of everyone.

We pay attention to their needs, with a special focus on parents’ and children’s wellbeing. We have implemented dedicated benefits for parents or prospective parents to simplify work-life balance. Examples include maternity and childcare, flexible work schedules and smart working, company kindergarten and counselling services on important topics from birth to adolescence.

We support our employees’ wellbeing by easy access to many sport facilites thanks to certified partners, special partnership, as well as welfare & benefit programs.

We care
about future generations of young workers, for which we have set up different initiatives both with universities and high schools as an investment. We believe in the inclusion of young people in the workplace, so we offer employment to qualified students in the workplace after their studies.

Training & Development

We promote the development of our people by offering lots of activities to encourage their personal and professional growth.
A new joiner is involved in an Induction Program to provide a general overview of the working environment, considering aspects such as the organizational structure, the Company’s vision, mission and policy.

To support a continuous improvement for our employees, we launched our Company Performance evaluation program “Wave”. This is the acronym of We Are the Value of the Enterprise: a personal assessment based on our Company values and behaviours followed by a personal development plan.

Based on this process each people is engaged in the relevant training and coaching.
Specific programs are set up for young and key people.