Artsana was established in 1946 as a sales agency, specialised in venapuncture and medication, in a small office on the shores of Lake Como by Pietro Catelli. Thanks to its founder’s creativity, the company began to grow quickly and, in just a few years, became a leader in the field of distribution. Twelve years after its establishment, in 1958, Pietro Catelli’s first child, Enrico, was born and inspired that which would soon become his father’s most successful entrepreneurial intuition.

This, in fact, marked the beginning of the trademark Chicco –nickname for Enrico- which within only a few years became synonymous of child care in Italian households. Toys such as the “little bee house” or the feeding bottles featuring the innovative “no-hiccup” system entered the homes of a nation swept away and inebriated by the economic boom and in which the attention for the world of children grew increasingly. However, the creativity of Sir Pietro Catelli, knighted in 1974 for his contribution to labour, did not stop there, as his eruptive inventiveness soon also produced the Pic - Italian leader of the self-care sector - Serenity and Lycia brands. In 2006, surrounded by the love of his wife Licia and of his children, Enrico, Michele and Francesca, Pietro Catelli passed away in his Como home, leaving a rich and unique italian entrepreneurial legacy to the world, which lives on through his three young offspring.

Work done on his behalf continues even today. Indeed, since 2011 at the Polytechnic University of Milan, two scholarships are instituted every year in memory of the founder.
In 2014, the city of Como paid a significant tribute to Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli, naming the last stretch of the lakeside path in the town after him.
Since 2015, the Pinacoteca di Como is home to a portrait of the founder, which serves as testament to his close bond with his hometown.


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