Innovation is in Artsana's DNA: Its products have graced the homes of millions of families for over 60 years, the result of grand visions and lots of research. Artsana pursues product development through a multifunctional network based on strong internal expertise and an R&D structure in continuous and open partnership with universities, design schools, creativity training centres, designers and primarily with consumers.

Artsana has always believed in the strength of new ideas and is convinced of the importance of continuous dialogue, which is why it has created a 'collective intelligence' project involving, first and foremost, consumers, especially families. It is through listening to them and directly observing them that we can identify the specific and real needs for which it is necessary to find a solution. This is why Artsana has created an international open innovation platform for the world of design and innovation involving a vast pool of users, with different profiles and very different experiences, cultures and skills, including designers, architects, engineers and creatives from all over the world. It represents a new way of dialoguing with each other and a different way to share the company's perennial goal, which is to develop innovative solutions that meet concrete and real needs.

Here is the direct link to the international Artsana community of open innovation

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